Parent Conference September 12th @6:30pm

Dear Parents,

Our school year starts in a week, September 14th, so we decided to hold a conference to answer any questions you have in regards to this coming school year.

Please join us!
Time: Sep 12, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 891 3665 6463
Passcode: 09122020

We also have a special guest, Katerina Zabavnova, as well, who will be our art’s teacher this year.

Here is an agenda for her discussion:

Я очень часто встречаю родителей , которые задают вопросы по поводу занятий по ИЗО для детей от 3- до 7 лет ( дошкольники) Какими материалами лучше пользоваться , как организовать детям рабочее место, где они могли бы рисовать, лепить и как это все это богатство хранить. Мне бы хотелось поговорить на эту тему . На данной встрече я хочу поделится своими наработками, которые использую.

Art program is starting! Two classes offered. Children get to learn drawing through a playful method.

Для детей от 8-ми лет.

Обучающие занятия по ИЗО. Занятия получаются в форме игры, но одновременно дети получают базовые знания по рисунку и живописи. Мы отправимся в прошлое и узнаем, что такое наскальная живопись, попробуем написать текст с помощью пиктограмм, узнаем кто изобрел первую бумагу и попробуем ее сделать. Будем играть в игры на внимательность и на развитие памяти. Так же дети узнают, как правильно смешивать краски, что такое цветовой круг иттена, какие тона теплые/ холодные, что такое линия горизонта, пропорции и перспектива. На занятиях мы много говорим о художниках : Клод Моне, М.Эшер, Леонард да Винчи, Ван Гог, как они учились писать картины.

Для детей 5-6 лет.

School is closed!

Dear Parents,

March 14th, 2020 – School is CLOSED!!!

We decided to reconsider our decision and cancelling our regular classes at least for a week
following the fact that President Trump declared national emergency this afternoon.
We will keep you posted about our possible move to remote education in the following days.

A note to our Parents about the Coronavirus

RE: Marh 14th, 2020 – School is OPEN.

The health and safety of our children, parents and teachers is always 
our top priority
and with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (the coronavirus),
I want to take a moment to personally share with you the ways we at 
Academy for Children
are ensuring continued safe and effective operations.

Our team is actively monitoring recommendations and guidance from the 
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
and federal, state and local agencies to help ensure the actions we 
are taking are in line with best practices.
We are also actively communicating with our teachers to ensure our 
entire school is prepared to act on any guidance
we may receive.

We have made hand sanitizer stations readily available for our 
children, parents and teachers throughout our school
and we are also conducting additional cleaning as appropriate, with a 
particular focus on high-touch surfaces and common areas.

As of today, we decided to keep our schedule intact,
but in the coming week we will be evaluating the possibility to offer 
remote classes in lieu of in-person classes.

Thank you again for your continued trust in Academy for Children. 
Please know that we have and will continue to monitor this situation 
and take whatever steps we can to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on 
our community, while providing you the level of service you deserve 
and expect.