Class NameDays of weekTimeLengthCost per class*Comments
Russian Math school
Lvl 1-5: Math, Russian, Music
Lvl 6,7: Math, Russian
weekly classes$45-$60$45: Lvl 1-5
$60: Lvl 6,7
Russian songs for 6-9yoSat1:30-2:15pm45 min$10
Russian songs and theater for 9-12yoSat2:30-3:15pm45 min$10
Spanish, A1Mon and/or Wed3-3:45pm45 min$10
Spanish, A2Tue and/or Thu3-4pm60 min$10
Spanish, B1Mon and/or Wed4-5pm60 min$10
Spanish, B2Tue and/or Thu4-5pm60 min$10
Tutoring: Math, Russian, Spanish, History, etcinquire within