1. All students, both new and continuing, including those in tutoring, need to register for every academic year. A registration fee is due every year for all continuing and new students. The registration fee is NOT Refundable.

Payment Policy

2. Applicable Tuition and Registration Fees must be submitted together with the Registration Form.

3. Our program is a year-long program. Once you register your children, you are responsible for payments(there are seven prorated payments due 5th of each month September through March). No refunds are provided if your child misses a class for any reason, including illness. We will provide class work and homework if your child has to miss a class. All the questions could be answered by a teacher via e-mail.

4. If you are enrolling in mid-year, your tuition will be prorated as follows(Three payments due 5th of each month from January through March). We will count the number of classes remaining in the year starting from the day of your enrollment and prorate the total annual payment based on the ratio of the remaining classes to the total number of classes in the school year.

5. If your payment is late, a school finance charge of $15 will be automatically added to your account.

6. If your account is more than 1 month overdue, we reserve the right to terminate your child’s enrollment.

7. The Registration Fee is assessed as follows and includes books, print-outs, and school supplies:

• $100 for students who start in the first semester

• $60 for students who start in the second semester

• $40 for students who start after April 1st.

Separation Policy

1. Parents can terminate a student’s enrollment at any time for any reason from any of our year-long classes. Two-week written notice of termination is required. However, the registration fee and tuition are not refundable.

2. Refunds may only be issued if cancellation/withdrawal is made within the first two weeks of the enrolment. No refunds are issued after the first two weeks of classes.

3. The school can terminate a student’s enrollment at any time for one of the following reasons:

The student’s behavior in the class is found to be consistently disruptive and inappropriate for a classroom and the student does not respond to the teacher’s requests and warnings to alter such behavior. Parents will be informed of any incidents of disruptive or inappropriate behavior.

The tuition payment is more than one month overdue.

In case of student termination initiated by the school, any unused portion of the tuition or registration fee will not be refunded.

Referral Bonus

We offer a $50 referral bonus for each new referral to our math programs. It is unlimited and the bonus would be paid when referred child registers for a school year. Please, make sure that the family who is referred must list the referring family in their registration.